Life is a combination of success-failure and happiness-sorrow. The quantity may be more/less. Every person is working to make life successful. If luck and Vastu also support you while doing the work, the speed of success will increase.

Looking at the birth chart, luck has also supported us and there is a situations where we are not able to achieve success even if we are working hard and moving forward.

Even when the time is good, if the architecture of the house and office is not right, success will be achieved only after a lot of hard work and struggle. If fortune and Vastu are good, success can be achieved easily. If Vastu and Bhagya are both weak, life becomes a struggle. The time is going bad but if Vastu is right, you can come out of that time easily.

It is also true that destiny cannot be changed. But if it is managed according to Vastu, it becomes easier to live and work.

Health and Vastu

We want to be healthy. Being healthy is essential for progress in life. However, it is not always possible to stay healthy. For various reasons, every person faces health problems at one time or another. For some it is temporary and for some it is long-term. Here I will discuss the effect of Vastu on health. Due to Vastu’s fault, health problems are also occurring among the family members. In some houses, all members of the family suffer from some disease. Even going to the hospital does not solve the problem. It is not possible to find out which disease it is. There is one disease but they are also taking medication for another disease. All the income of the house is spent on healthy solutions. When Vastu is right, it does not mean that you will be completely healthy all the time, but if Vastu is right, you will get treatment as soon as there is a problem in your health. It reaches the right place for treatment. The medicine you are using works quickly. The chances of getting a life-threatening disease are very low. Less money is spent in healthy areas.

Due to the influence of Vastu, they are conscious of their health and pay special attention to their diet, as a result, they stay healthy and well.

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